Company VAV Trading s.r.o. provides a full range of logistic services

Having developed logistic customs warehouses in almost all major cities world can offer logistics services

Our Services

Freight forwarding

Providing high quality, cost effective European haulage to importers, exporters, distributors and other freight forwarders alike, we are the experts in European freight. Without a fixed fleet we can deploy quickly and accommodate peaks and troughs in your business, scaling as you grow. Simply step back and let us take the workload for your European transport requirements. Working to your exact level of visibility and communication, delivery satisfaction is guaranteed.


If you’re one of our road shipping clients we can provide safe and secure warehousing and storage facilities for your cargo as an all inclusive service. Thanks to our very best partners we have key facilities throughout the Europe (UA, HU, PL, CZ, SK, DE). We can guarantee you peace of mind.

Customs clearance

Of course, an important part of the import, export and transit is a customs clearance. Our experienced partners in customs clearance allows to prepare all the documents correctly and to pass the procedure painless for the customer. Our team will take all communication with the customs authorities of the EU and Ukraine on our own. All documents for the cargo will be provided to you.

Rail and Transshipment

Rail freight in Europe is maturing and your shipment may qualify. Thanks to our partner companies in HU Zahony and UA Chop we can provide also railway freight forwarding through Zahony - Chop border crossing. Also we could help here with all kind of transshipment services, containerization, cargo units creating and packaging as well.

The main objective of the company is to help in the organization of logistic solutions

The company "VAV Trading s.r.o." has a wide agent network partner logistic companies in all export-oriented countries.
The purpose of the logistic company "VAV Traiding s.r.o." - the organization of deliveries to the Purchaser required cargo to a specific location - at the optimum time and cost.

A brief history about us

The history of our company has started in 2005 from a small transport company with it's own fleet of transport. The main directions were Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. With growth of our clients and expand of customer base we faced the problem of lack of our own fleet to cover all needs. In 2010 it was decided to widen our activity as freight forwarding company. It was a great turnover for us! During the next two years new contracts were enclosed with great number of Ukrainian and European transport companies and in 2012 we shifted our activities entirely as freight forwarding and logistic company. In 2012 one more Ukrainian company was registered - LLC “Viva Imeks”. In 2016, to simplify cooperation with our EU partners, a new company was founded in Slovakia - VAV Trading s.r.o. From that time our history is keep going, each day we are growing together with our partners. We believe that one day you'll also be on the list of our satisfied customers. We'll do our best - we promise.


Our primary goal is to set the professional standard for service in our sector and be a leading and guiding company for the provision of transport services. This could be achieved only by:

1. Meeting the requirements of the customer for quality, service and price

2. Continually provide effective solutions for our customers

3. Using our knowledge and passion to assess and improve our services

4. Building long-term relationships with key suppliers

5. Strengthening the capabilities of our staff through ongoing training


They form the heart of the company and are reflected very purely by our actions. Our customers require a very high level of service. In turn our transport partners provide us with the same, becoming part of our team and subscribing to our values. They are :

1. Integrity

2. Continuous Improvement

3. Teamwork

4. Professionalism

Why exactly VAV Trading s.r.o.

Because we are an international freight forwarding, logistic and trading company with focus on Eastern Europe.

Different products of our customers are imported from around the world, especially from the remote or the Middle East as well as from Europe to Hamburg, turned into its own storage facilities, and then with feeder carriers, depending on our customers' request around the Baltic Sea to Russia, Poland , shipped in Baltic countries and Finland. Our own products including warehousing and complete customs clearance, provide even more flexibility and speed in order processing of our clientele. You will find also transparent and individual solutions for global transportation requirements. Whether sea, air, rail, road, multimodal shipments or project logistic, long-term experience of our professional staff and a global network of reliable partners strengthens our competitiveness and enables us almost every logistics solution to provide our customers.

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Office in Ukraine

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